Christmas Extravaganza 2008

I would like to put out a big thank you to everyone in the family that made it on Sunday.  When we started cooking the food we weren’t sure who was going to come and eat it and if I would be feeding Don and Jesse for weeks with all the left overs.  As everyone started to show up I was amazed and excited and the fun started to multipy.  We enjoyed good food, good fun and good company while as Cecilia mentioned the storm raged outside. 

As the night came on and Kiana decided that it would be fun to have a sleep over many agreed and we canvased the house for things to sleep on and things to keep everyone warm.  I never knew I had so many air matresses. 

It was a great time and all were missed who couldn’t come but we will all get together again soon I am sure. 

A memory to last forever,

Don and Maria

One thought on “Christmas Extravaganza 2008

  1. Thank you so much for the Verkley hospitality and fun!


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