Verkley Family Christmas/Pyjama Party 2008

Saturday the family was looking at their local forecast and took note of the winter storm warnings for Sunday but the snow fall amount was forecast to be 5-10cm for the Monkton Ontario area which is where the party was to be held at Don and Maria’s house.   But in that part of the province 5-10cm is just a light dusting so off most of them set out on Sunday morning.


Wes and I had gone in the night before as I being a city slicker do not like driving in snow so figured I would beat the storm that was supposed to happen Sunday morning.  We woke up in Monkton to a weak sun rise and some light snow just like I thought it would be.  Then it started to blow a bit, Frank called to cancel for his family and Dave and Patricia also had decided to stay home.  Joe also didn’t want to venture out.  Paul who lives fairly close called to say he was not sure he could get out his lane but since a couple of people had already arrived he would see if he could make it.  He did.  Jeff and Teresa and boys arrived and slowly the storm got worse.  John and Patty Jo made it with tales of horrible driving conditions, Ed and Nora and the boys all arrived, as did Cathy and kids minus Tom who was suffering from back spasms back at home.  Last to arrive was Brian and Leanne and Hadley they also had horrible visibility once they hit Perth County.  We all had a good dinner and some fun.  Jeff and family decide to go home early but the rest of us thought the storm would blow itself out and we would be able to go home later in the evening after some snowplows went by.  Well that didn’t happen.  Paul and Ed and family went home in a convoy as did Tina and Jesse.  The rest of us had no choice but to party on.  It finally became a sure thing we were staying when Nora called to say they just announced that Hwy 23 was closed which was the route home for most people.  So Maria performed some magic and found all kinds of air mattresses and quilts she had made over the years and found us all places to sleep.  16 extra guest overnight.   Luckily we had leftovers from Christmas dinner.  The next morning the snowplows had been by but Hwy 23 and Hwy 7/8 were still closed which is the roads we needed to get home.  We all had a nice breakfast after Don went to the store for a fresh batch of eggs.  John made it to Kitchener via some back roads, which allowed Wes and I to get out.  Lots of big snow banks so I am sure we would not have been able to get through those drifts.   After the Hwy was opened the rest were able to get home.  So the Verkley Christmas party of 2008 was morphed into a pyjama party we all will not forget.   Thanks Don and Maria for looking after all of us.







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