Grandpa, I would call him the perfect man.  I can honestly say that I have never met another guy who was so loving and devoted to his wife.  From my first memory to my last I can always see him holding grandma’s hand, bracing her back or giving her a kiss just in a normal everyday sitiation.  This always gave me hope for my future to find a man that could love me as much as he loved her. 

Some of my earliest memories of grandpa were of him in his work shop, whenever we would come to visit grandma would have to call down to him and we would go running to see what new and interesting thing he was working on that day.  He was so skilled in woodworking it was amazing.  The beauitiful tables, sowing boxes, clocks and pins that he made, we all felt so special when they were for us.  I think that every member of the family will cherish those well made works of art!

As grandpa got older he may have gotten quieter but his wisdom & positive thinking never changed.  He was always right there with a word or a quick one liner to get you back on track.  I remember when I was quite young sitting down eating dinner next to grandpa and I went to push some food onto my fork with my finger and I got a quick smack on the hand, there was nothing else that needed to be said I new that I needed to improve my manners. 

He was never one to yell, all ne needed was a simple gesture or a few words and you knew what he wanted you to do.  He was also a great listener and would share his great wisdom as well if you were willing to sit and listen.  Grandpa was an amazing singer and music was very close to his heart.  He could play the violing so gracefully and often would accompany grandma on the keyboard.  I’m glad to see that some musical talent has carried on in the family.

In the last few years grandpa has not been a man of many words although I know he was still very “Happy” and “Whoot” or “Hail Whoot” as long as mother was around because he always told us so.  He still gave great hugs and sometimes a pat on the bottom too.  All in all grandpa was an amazing person who was full of so much love, patients, forgiveness and words of encouragement like (parden my dutch) “kanet is dout” and I hope that we can all take some of that with us to carry on his memory.

As hard as it is to loose him I think that we should all have a few Hip Hip Horrays for his wonderful life and remember it is not goodbye it os only until the next time.

 Hip Hip Horray!

 Hip Hip Horray!

 Hip Hip Horray!

With all my love…  Tina

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