A gentle man, my dear Dad, Peter Verkley, quietly passed away this moring Monday October 15 2007. Seeing his used up old body lying in the bed one can’t help see that one’s spirit makes the body shine. Dad’s spirit was always happy. Life sometimes was tough but he would stop face it and accept what was given and move on. If you can’t change it then you must accept it was his credo in life. It is your attitude that matters. As his son he never pushed me to do anything. He let me make my choices and supported me but never dictated his opinions on what I was doing. I think one of the most important lessons was learned early in my life, if you take on a task it was your responsiblity. My Dad never came to check if I did complete it nore did he finish the job. He never was one for big congratulations on a job well done, rather he just quietly gave you the feeling he was proud of you.

My fonest memories of both of my parents was Sunday’s at my parents home. We never played games, watched TV but we discussed everything. I can’t remember a subject that we didn’t cover. The best part was everyone was always aloud their opinion.

Dad’s legacy was his spirit. He loved my Mom and his family. His spirit showed us that angry need not be part of your life, I can’t remember him ever being angry for longer then a few moments. Another treasured memory he left us with was his creative wood working art.

In the last few years the intellectual Dad had left me, I mourned the loss of a spirited converstation. I was forced to accept he couldn’t on a physical level acknowledge me as his son. I remember being at the home alone with him, nothing to talk about for there was no memory to share, just quitely sitting beside him holding his hand. He may not have known me in the physical but something was shared in the spiritual. My last visit with him was with Patti-jo at the home and he was very active. We talked small talk and we watched him eat his supper like he was hungry. He cleaned the plate. I remember saying to Patti-Jo that this was the best visit I had with him in a long time. I think I saw him differently and his spirit knew to give me a good memory of him.

I could go on with memories of my Dad but really he was only part of the whole that being Mom and Dad. Their lives were one. As my life moves on I can say that I was blessed to be born to these fine parents. Their book is now finished and I must now write my own.

They left me with a very rich legacy.

Thank you Mom and Dad for being my parents. I love you both.

You son




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