It is time to celebrate

While we carry on the tradition of Grandma Verkley’s summer picnic, let’s celebrate a few things:
First of all, there are a few milestone birthday’s: This Sunday come to Paul’s house prepared to toast to Phil, Vincent and Wilfred’s 50th.

Also, there will be a wedding shower for the eldest Verkley grandchild.  That’s right, Lisa and Jeff are getting married in December but they will be leaving for Nova Scotia at the end of August.  They are registered at Sears should you wish to buy them a gift.  Alternatively gift cards are very easy to move.  🙂
So, let’s get ready to celebrate in traditional Verkley style.  Bring your lawn chairs and a contribution to the potluck meal.

It should be a great afternoon.  I can’t wait to see everyone!

Be sure to pass this information along to anyone that might not otherwise have perused this site before this weekend.

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