Our New House

Jeff and I are back from our house hunting trip in Nova Scotia. We found a beautiful home! It’s 15 minutes south of Antigonish in the Lochaber area. It’s a Cape Cod style, 3.6 acre, 4 bedroom house on the side of a hill. Lochaber Lake is right across the road giving us an INCREDIBLE view. We move out in a month and are really excited about it – and for getting our stuff out of storage!

Here it is:
Our New House

2 thoughts on “Our New House

  1. That is such a nice house! I hope you have some room for visitors I will have to see it in person to get the real feeling of the view and everything you know!!
    Best wishes to you!!



  2. Hi Tina! We certainly do have room for visitors. You are right, you really need to be there to see the view in person, and to taste the Nova Scotia beer, and to eat some lobster in person. Photos just aren’t satisfying enough 🙂


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