Our New House

Jeff and I are back from our house hunting trip in Nova Scotia. We found a beautiful home! It’s 15 minutes south of Antigonish in the Lochaber area. It’s a Cape Cod style, 3.6 acre, 4 bedroom house on the side of a hill. Lochaber Lake is right across the road giving us an INCREDIBLE view. We move out in a month and are really excited about it – and for getting our stuff out of storage!

Here it is:
Our New House

Lisa & Jeff

Big News!

Jeff and Lisa are engaged!!  We’re also moving to Nova Scotia!  Jeff has won a huge job competition for a detachment supervisor position in eastern Nova Scotia (in the village of Sherbrooke – about a 2.5 hour drive north of Halifax). At best guess, we’ll be moving east later this summer.  We’ll know more details in the next couple of weeks as the paperwork goes through.  Wedding details are still in the preliminary planning stages.

Baby Shower for Brian Jr. or Leanne Jr.

BabyWhat: A baby shower for Brian & Leanne and their baby (who is due to arrive mid-March).

When: Saturday April 7th at 1pm (Easter weekend)

Where: Joe Verkley’s house in Listowel

Who: This is a full family shower – not just the women – so everyone is invited!

They Registered: If you wish to bring a gift but don’t know what they need, Brian and Leanne are registered at Sears and at Babies “R” Us.

Did I Forget Anything? Email Lisa or Julie or give us a call.

Frank Verkley’s New Book

After a full year of writing, I have completed my book titled “From Kerwood to Here, A Life Lived and the Lessons Learned.” After careful consideration I have decided to post it on the Verkley.com website. I was asked “wasn’t your year long efforts worth selling it like all other books? I agree, yet I’m putting it out there so that anyone can read it. All I ask is that you Pass It Forward. By that I mean, you write something; a book, an article or something of value to yourself and then pass it on to others. What ever you decide to do, know that others will benefit from you reading this. So enjoy.

Any comments are welcome to frank@verkley.com.

To read Frank’s book, visit: https://verkley.com/frank/ (PDF Format – 18.3mb)