Gezina Verkley (1922-2006)


We love her.

We miss her.

We were so blessed to have known her.

Gezina Verkley, Mother to 11, Grandmother to 23, and Great-Grandmother to 7, passed away on October 25th, 2006.

Hundreds of family members, friends, and acquaintances gathered over the weekend to share our sorrows and whisper our good-byes.

The collective thoughts of everyone who gathered to honour her life focused on a woman who touched the lives of so many with her smile, her laughter, her love, and her hugs.

She led the family by example, by loving her husband, family, and friends, guiding us all to become better people.

Grandma's Funeral

Beautiful flowers, colours, and even a couple of birds. Grandma always loved her birds.

Please use this Verkley blog to share your memories and photos.

I have resized and uploaded all of Bill Groot’s photos from Saturday into the /images/ folder that rotates on the right hand side of this blog. You can also view them by looking at and looking at the photos that start with “BG06-10”.

Tom Verkley wrote a song and sang it at the funeral with his son Patrick’s accompaniment.  Here are the lyrics:

The Dash Between

I never thought that this would happen

The lord has called and I must go

I see you all gathered around me

To bid me fond farewell it set’s my heart aglow

I do love you so

I come to the end of a long lifetime

So long it’s hard to comprehend

Year after year there came the seasons

I’m only sorry that for me the seasons end

For you they go on and on

When I go I will leave someone

When I go all things will change

But when I go I again will become someone

That can run and laugh and sing and dance all day

In my life dear God the memories

All the birthday parties and weddings I’ve been to

Though I’ve not said it for sometime

I want to thank you all and say that I’ll miss you

My love goes on and on

It really is the dash between

When we are born and when we fall

And what we do in every single blessed day

Oh to know what I have known

Oh and to live it all again

Will be what I hope to do as I go on my way

When I go I will leave someone

When I go all things will change

But when I got I again will be someone

That can run and laugh and sing and dance all day

Written by; Tom Verkley

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  1. Brian, Leanne, and I each wrote our thoughts about Grandma in our personal blogs.

    Here are the direct link to my post:


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