Jan Verkley’s extra-special birthday

Jan Verkley took a ride on a bi-plane for his birthday.
And rumour has it.. he even got to take over the controls for awhile!

Click on the photos for a larger view.

I emailed Jan for more information about the plane, and he said:

“It is a “Fleet Fince”, built in 1936 in and was used to train wartime pilots, before they went to bigger planes. There are only a few left in flying condition, this one is worth about $ 100.000.
He knew I was a pilot, so he let me handle it for half an hour, toying around, poking holes in the sky as we call it. It has a 5 cylinder engine which lets you feel every bang.
Google “Fleet Finch” and you get a movie, which shows what I felt. Easy handling, being outside, you sit on top, rather than in a plane.
This plane and pilot was used in the making of the Amelia Ehrhard movie. (I forgot the title now), where his face was made to look like Amelia.
All my family was there, having a picnic while I flew. Quite a party.”

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