Rie Appelman-Verkley (06-09-1921 – 28-09-2009)

My name is Jeroen Appelman and I am the youngest son of (Ma)Rie Appelman-Verkley (* 06-09-1921 – + 28-09-2009), daughter of Theo and Cornelia Verkley from Bouwlust, Leiderdorp.

I want to let you know my mother has quietly passed away last night in her sleep in the age of 88 years old.

She was suffering from Parkinson which in combination with low bloodpressure made it very hard for her to breath and also her heart was getting weaker and weaker. All her kids and grandkids visited her frequently up to yesterday and she was very relaxed about her coming passing away. Just before she was put to bed she nipped a glass of Port wine so she would sleep well. We could wish for such a way to go.

Thanks and kindest regards,
Jeroen Appelman

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