New Verkley Family Website

I’m redoing the Verkley Family website so it is more useful and I don’t have to do all the uploading and updating!

This site now runs on a blog platform. Now you can register (to get a username and password) and then YOU can post your Verkley news here on the front page, as well as share your photos! After you register, give me a few hours to verify your identify (I mean, make sure you aren’t a crazy spammer) and then I’ll upgrade your registration so you are allowed to post.

I’m working on adding everyone’s birthday into the “Important Date Countdown”. Please email me the birthdays of your family members (Lisa – Send the dates of important Verkley events and I’ll add them to the “Important Date Countdown” too.

I’m also working on uploading Verkley photos. Four photos will be randomly displayed at a time on the right hand side. When you click on one, it will open it in a new window and it will show a larger view of the photo if it is available.

Once you have registered, you can leave comments on other people’s posts! Give it a whirl!

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